Success at the Panatana Dispersal - Thursday 4 April, 2019

On Thursday 4 April 200 outstanding registered Holsteins were to be sold at an onfarm auction in Moriarty, Tasmania.

Vendors Ian & Mary Ann Hortle who established their herd in 1975 had used only the best AI sires, which attributed to their prestigious Master Breeder title, awarded in 2006.

Lawrie & Nick said it was a privilege to have worked with Ian & Mary Ann in assisting them with their dispersal. Making the decision to leave the dairy industry of 40 years, is never an easy one, but it was wonderful to have gained such a terrific result for the family, with 193 head grossing $392,850 to average $2,035 for the day.

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2nd Stage Kerr Sale - Koonwarra Saleyards

Sale Report: 2nd stage dispersal A/C R&S Kerr. Koonwarra Saleyards 17-9-2018.

The second stage dispersal of the well known large Holstein herd of Rohan & Sue Kerr held at Koonwarra Saleyards on Monday was an outstanding success with a complete clearance and a sale gross of $492,000.

Including 255 freshly calved, springing and rejoined Autumn calving holstein cows grossing $416,850 for a very pleasing average of $1,634.

The 78 Autumn born calves sold to $710 and averaged $640 per head whilst the recently born spring calves average $355 each.

There was spirited bidding throughout with volume buyers including Homebush P/L from Sandy Creek, who purchased 25 head including lot 24 & lot 25 an outstanding pair of freshly calved 4 yeah olds by legendary sire Picton Shottle for $2,700 each.

A feature of the sale was the amount of return buyers from the first Kerr Sale held in August 2018. Glen and Rose Atherton from Drouin returning to secure another 25 head for an average of $2,030 per head including lot 177 and angular Canon daughter who was springing to AI Sire TLG Snoozer for $2,400.

L, H & J McRae from Korrumburra were also return buyers taking home 17 quality freshly calved young cows for an average of $1,820 each, including lot 18 another Shottle daughter producing 47 litres for $2,050.

Buyers attended from all parts of Gippsland with two buyers from Northern Vic also operating.

The sale once again proved quality cattle in fine form still command interest despite the disastrous season that is currently affecting the dairy industry in many regions. The sale was conducted by Flanagan Marketing Services, in conjunction with SEJ Leongatha

Kerr Sale - Koonwarra Saleyards

Locals snapped up most of the offering at the first stage herd dispersal at Koonwarra on Monday, where prices hit $2,500.

The dispersal of Rohan & Sue Kerr’s herd resulted in an $1,702 average for 207 commercial Holsteins.

The herd was split between autumn and spring calving, with up to 70 heifers calving in the spring.

The top price cow was a fresh calved five year old by Buddha, which was bought by locals L & R Roberts, as part of the 15 they bought for a $2,299 average.

Other volume buyers included Glen and Rose Atherton from Drouin who were strong buyers on the Autumn Calvers, picking up 27 head for an average of $2,118.

The MacAulays of Yarram picked up 15 fresh calved cows for an average of $2,049, while AC & KJ Estcourt from Cohuna bought 23 head averaging $1,600 – these buyers took mostly Autumn Calvers.

There was as much demand for Autumn and Spring Calvers, with the lower prices of $1,400-$1,500 paid for smaller heifers or cows that were “a fraction older”.

It was a “true herd dispersal” of good quality, cattle made a difference to demand.

The local season in South Gippsland also helped.

This sale was conducted by Flanagan Marketing Services, in conjunction with SEJ.

Willette Second Stage Dispersal

Willette Second Stage Dispersal:

The second stage dispersal of the registered Willette Herd was held on farm last Thursday at Finley NSW.

Despite the continuing dry conditions a very satisfactory average of $2,568 for 118 head was achieved for a gross of $303,024.

There was limited local interest due mainly to the dry conditions however, local return buyer Nathan Shannon of Katunga purchased 4 head for an average of $3,700 with his two top purchases being an outstanding 2yo Heifer Sired by Semex Sire Sully Hart Meridian from the Kewpie family for $4,200. The Shannon’s also took home Willette 2 Elgadis Allison ET VG 85 a 40 litre freshly calved 5yo cow with a great future.

Well known local breeder Robin & Lewis White secured an outstanding Goldsun daughter Willette Goldsun Allison for $3,600.

Downie Pastoral from Forbes were active buyers throughout and purchased 38 head for an average of $2,131 each including Willette Regkew Paula who had PI of 114 at 1yr 11months for $2,900.

Other strong buyers including Oakdale at Longwarry who purchased 24 head averaging $3,326. And Murrabut neighbours R & A Hobson and Brad Hein were also very active with the Hobson’s purchasing 6 head for an average of $2,483 with a top purchase of Willette Asterix Kewpie VG 85, an 8,300 litre 2yr old for $3,200. Whilst the Hein’s purchased 14 head for an average of $2,014 including a 35 litre 2yo Willette Reg Kew Allison 25 for $2,700.

In summary it was a very successful sale with the Chesworth’s being rewarded for a lifetime of astute breeding.

Sale was conducted by Flanagan Marketing Services and Mulcahy Nelson Livestock in conjunction.

Eagle Ridge Sale 20/7/2018

The sale of the Autumn Calving Registered Holstein Herd of Russell & Kerry Eagle was conducted at Shepparton Selling Centre, last Friday 20/7/2018.

The sale grossed $250,700 and 99 head sold averaged $2,532.

Top price for the day was paid by Oakdale Dairies at Longwarry for an outstanding April calved 4yo, Eagle Ridge Golddust JF Polly for $8,100.

Second top price was $5,700 paid by Brad Gavenlock of Tallygroopna for an outstanding 3yo Heifer Eagle Ridge Dreams Pauline who is due to calve in November to Army.

$5,000 was paid for lot 15, an outstanding uddered Attwood Daughter, Eagle Ridge GW A.Shot Polly. She was secured by Neil Goodfellow from Stanhope.

The Leslie Manor Trust from Simpson Victoria purchased astutely securing 8 head for an average price of $3,250 with top price of $4,00 for Lot 21 an outstanding VG86, 58 litre Bradnick daughter.

Volume buyer at the sale was Downie Pastoral from Forbes NSW, who secured 34 head for an average of $2,230 each.

Other significant purchases were by; Ash Fiedler, from Lockington, who bidded strongly to secure Lot 17 Eagle Ridge Goldchip N Polly, a January 2018 calved 4yo who is PTIC to Callen to calve in January, for $4,400. This outstanding young cow has a PI of 123.

Neville and Justin Staley from Yarram purchased 2 head for an average of $3,450 including lot 25 Eagle Ridge Aftershock G Polka for $4,400 a VG 86 5yo who will calve in December to the highly rated AI sire Rambo. Local breeders the Griffiths family purchased 2 young cows, including lot 42 Eagle Ridge Elijah F Polka for $3,400.

There were 28 registered buyers with cattle being sold to all parts of Victoria, plus Riverina including Yarram, Leongatha, Terang, Cohuna and Finley.

Overall it was a very successful sale which shows there is still demand for quality well bred Holsteins that are in good form.

The sale was conducted in conjunction by Flanagan Marketing Services, and Mulchay Nelson Livestock.

Glenarron Finale Sale 7/6/2018

The complete dispersal of the Glenarron stud,  account Ron & Glenys Baker at Katunga, Victoria was held recently with 198 head averaging $1,451 for a gross of $287,298.

The Baker’s have been breeding Jersey’s on this property for over 50 years, and a large crowd was in attendance with 38 registered buyers.

Top price for the day Lot 202, Glenarron Silver 79 an outstanding 6yo cow with a PI 127.

She was due to calve mid October. She was secured by Andrew Marks from Dorrigo, NSW for $4,700.

Next top was lot 194 at $4,350. Glenarron Rosie a stylish 3yo, due to Black Ice on 1/10/2018. Her buyer was Trevor and Julie Campbell from Rochester, Victoria.

Trevor Saunders and Anthea Day were successful in securing Lot 214 Glenarron Daphne 13 for $3,000. This quality first calvers Dam Lot 12, Glenarron Daphne 7 sired by well known sire Vanahlem with a PI 119 went to long time breeder John Brian from Tongala Vic for $3,600.

There was strong interest in spring calving 2yo heifers with HG & HO Brown taking home a lovely line of 10 heifers for $1,580 average. The Brown’s top priced purchase was lot 127 Glenarron Felicity for $2,200.

Main volume buyer at the sale was Noel Pattison from Rosedale Vic, who purchased 22 head to average $1,447 with a top price of $2,250 for Lot 176 Glenarron Curiosity 226 an outstanding framed cow with a PI of 146 due to calve 3/9/2018 to polled AI Sire Oliver P.

All in all it was a successful sale, considering the dry weather and uncertainly that prevails in the dairy industry at present.

The sale was conducted by Flanagan Marketing Services and Mulchay Nelson Livestock.

Pardee Holsteins 3rd Stage Dispersal

The 3rd Stage Dispersal Sale of the Registered Pardee Holstein Sale was held at Shepparton Selling Centre last Thursday 19/4/2018.

The Sale was an Outstanding Success with a Total clearance being achieved with 100 Registered freshly Calved Registered Holsteins averaging an outstanding $3,217 Grossing $32,1700.

There was very buoyant demand throughout with many interested buyers unable to compete in the spirited bidding.

The 2 largest volume buyers were Ray and Leanne Smith from Mathoura and John Edwards from Leitchville.

The Smith’s purchased 26 Top Quality high production cows for an average of $3,584 each with a top price of $4,700 for Lot 7.

Pardee Supersonic Perfect 72 who produced 9,045 litres with PI 114 as a 2yo heifer. She traces back to the Outstanding Brood Cow North American Brood Cow Valiant Mars Perfection. The Smith’s also secured Lot 59 Pardee Gillespy Janice 24 for $4,500 this outstanding individual Classified VG 86 as a 2yo, and produced 10,299 litres at 2 yrs. She is backed by 3 Generations of over 10,000 litre dams.

Return Buyer John Edwards showed Great Confidence in the Pardee Genetics by purchasing 36 head for a Gross of $90,800 to average $2,522 per head. Including Lot 1 Pardee Shout Damp 4, VG 87, a 45 litre 5 yo sired by the top AI Shottle son Shout. Out of the same family as the legendary Sire “Donor “.

Top Price of the sale $5,250 was paid by up and coming young Tatura Breeder Josh Romano for Lot 25 Eclipse Goldchip Darling .Imp.

This 4yo cow was softening to red hot AI sire Alta 1st Class due 12/5/18.

Western District Breeder Tim Fleming bought wisely when he took home the outstanding Brood Cow Lot 54 Pardee Bolton Pet 2, Ex 90. for $5,000.

Other strong buyers at the Pardee Autumn Dispersal were AJ and CL Coombes from Wauhope NSW, who purchased 4 head for an average of $3,775 each. Including Lot 19 Pardee Snowcrest Perfect 74 VG85 at 3yrs with a PI116 having produced 9,279 litres at 2.3 years. The Coombes also secured Lot 98 Advanced Kingboy Lulu 6, a freshly calved 2yo heifer from the famed Comestar Laurie Sheik family for $4,100. This heifer sold account the Clark and Sullivan partnership. These vendors sold 8 heifers, who averaged $2075.

34 commercial freshly calved Holsteins cows account Oakdale averaged a very satisfactory $1,776. With Tony Hayes from Stanhope being the main buyer for this line securing 10 quality young cows for average of $1,930 each.

Total sale average was $2,666 for 154 head grossing $410,700 head.

This sale once again proved that Dairyman are prepared to pay for top Quality well Bred High Production Healthy Cows.  

The Sale was conducted by Flanagan Marketing Services and Mulcahy Nelson, we thank everyone who registered, attended, and tuned in to our live Facebook video.     

Willette & Foxdale Holsteins Sale

Held on March 8th was an outstanding success.
Despite the dry conditions and dairy farmers being unsure of next seasons milk prices, bidding for the summer calving portion of the renowned Willette herd was very strong throughout.

There were only 11 cows passed in with 109 head sold to gross $321,550 to average $2,950 each.
Top price was lot 6 Willette Corvette Hay, whose Dam Willette Fever Hay recently was runner up in the 4 year old section of the ‘Semex On Farm Challenge’, sold for $10,000 to Oakwood Partnership at Finley NSW.

Second top price of $9,100 was paid by Ross & Linda Sommerville of Timmering, VIC for Lot 60. The very promising November calved 2 year old Heifer Willette Dreams, Allison 6 ET. a Golden Dream daughter from the renowned Allison Family.

Return buyers Kevin and Helen Jones & family from Foster VIC, bid strongly throughout and took home 4 quality young cows for an average of $5,300 each, including lot 21, Willette 1st Class Allison 3rd ET, and an outstanding freshly calved heifer by Alta 1st Class, also from the Allison family, for $6,400.

Bulk buyers at the sale included Leigh Prout from Kerang, who bought very astutely to secure 23 head for an average of $2,597 including Willette Brazzle Allison 2 ET for $5,000.

Local breeder Allan Thwaites took home 17 head for an average of $2,000 whilist Allan and Matt Dennis from Calival were strong buyers throughout buying 9 head for an average of $2,511.

All in all it was very strong with the higher profile animals creating most interest.
The next Willette Sale will be held on the second half of May 2018, when 150 March/April freshly calved young cows and heifers will be offered.

This sale was conducted by Flanagan Marketing Services in conjunction with Mulcahy Nelson Livestock Thank you to all who attended, and also thank you to all our viewers on Facebook who tuned in to watch the live stream of the same.

Multi Vendor Sale 15/2/2018

The Multi Vendor Sale held on 15/2/2018 at Shepparton Selling Centre was very successful with freshly calved cows in strong demand.

Holstein Milkers averaged $1,757 with an overall average of 119 head averaging $1,652 for a total clearance.

The main Vendor was Oakdale Dairies who offered a quality line of freshly calved young cows, with 59 head averaging $1,822, with a top price of $2,250 for 2yo, 31 litre Holstein heifer by AI sire Gerold. 
This outstanding heifer was purchased by Brad Wren of Strathmerton. The Wren’s secured 4 head for an average of $1,925.

Hamish Crawford from Tatura purchased 18 head, at an average of $1,780 with a top price of $2,000 for an outstanding 2yo 35 litre Heifer by well-known AI Sire McCormack.

Raymar Nominees from Katandra purchased 6 head averaging $1,883 including a 44 litre, 3yo Informer daughter for $2,050.

Bulk buyers at the sale were Rod and Alicia Gundrill from Nathalia, who bought wisely securing 31 head for an average of $1,556.

All in all it was a solid sale, with buyers keen to secure quality milkers, but rarely went over the $2,000 price. The sale was conducted by Flanagan Marketing Services in conjunction with Mulcahy Nelson.

Horizon Holsteins Complete Dispersal Sale

The Horizon Holstein Stud Complete Dispersal Sale account Darren Crawford held on farm at Invergordon on Tuesday 23rd January was an outstanding success with 120 head grossing $521,150 to average $4,321 each.

Members of the renowned Paradise family met extremely strong demand with 3 Bradnick daughters of the high profile Ex91 Carisma Cairnhill Paradise grossing $69,750 to average $23,250 each.

The top price of the sale Horizon Bradnick Paradise 5 sold for $32,500 to the Coolmount/Bryce Partnership from Nowra NSW, whilst her ET sister Horizon Bradnick Paradise 2 sold to high profile Breeders Chris and Mary Gleeson, from Koroit Vic for $20,250. The Gleesons also purchased Horizon Bradnick Ambrosia 2 VG 86 for $11,250 .

The long established Calderlea Stud of Les and Louise Calder of Leongatha purchased Lightning Ridge Goldsun Jane VG88 for $15,000. Jane recently won the State Semex On farm challenge for 4 yo.
Calderlea also took home the VG85 Atwood Daughter of Coolea Jasper Debut Ex90 for $10,000.

Kevin and Helen Jones from Toora Gippsland purchased 3 head for $22250 including the Stylish VG 86 pt, 2 yo heifer, Horizon Brokaw Loyal from the famous Acme Star Lily family for $9,500.

Neville, Michelle and Justin Staley were strong buyers throughout by securing 8 head for a Gross of $41500 to average $5100 per head including Bluechip Goldsun Ambrosia @ $10,000.

Volume buyers were RO, GR, and MA Wilson of Jamberoo, NSW.
The Wilsons purchased 15 head for $52300 averaging $3486 with their main purchase being another daughter or Carisma Cairnhill Paradise in Horizon Mascalese Paradise for $7,000.

Buyers attended from many parts of NSW including Nowra, Kangaroo Valley, Jamberoo, Taree and Finley, whilst Victorian buyers attended from South and West Gippsland, Camperdown and Timboon in the Western District and Local Northern Victorian Locations.

All in all, it was a very successful sale proving once again that Quality Cattle with deep pedigrees will always be in demand.
The Sale was conducted by Flanagan Marketing Services in conjunction with Elders Dairy Division.

Pardee Holsteins Spring Calving Dispersal

Pardee Holsteins Spring Calving Dispersal Sale held on 10th November at Shepparton Selling Centre was a resounding Success. The 68 head sold (complete Clearance) Grossed $216 625 to average $3186 per head! 
Top Price was $4500 for Lot 6a Pardee Gonzo Perfect ET VG 85 @ 2yrs with a P.I. of 121. This outstanding young cow from the Perfection family was purchased by Gary and Lee Hibberd and family from Corriemungle in the Western District. The Hibberds purchased 7 head in total at $3551 per head!

Volume buyer at the sale was John Edwards from Leitchville who secured 35 head to average $2784 per head. The Edwards were strong buyers at the Autumn stage dispersal and showed confidence in the Pardee Breeding Programme once again!

Other strong buyers included Ross and Jade Easterbrook and Family from Tatura who took home 2 outstanding young cows, lot 11 Pardee Haley Perfect 73 a 10302 litre 2yo with a PI of 118 for $4100 and lot 13 Pardee Paulo Perfect 100 a freshly calved 2 yo for $3800.

Jim and Heather Harvey from Yarragon, also return buyers, purchased 3 head for an average of $3166 including Lot 45 Pardee Haley Maple 12 a 53 litre 2nd calver from the well know Craigmore Marlene family.

Selling Agents Flanagan Marketing Services and Mulcahy Nelson representative Lawrie Flanagan said despite uncertain times in the dairy industry, Quality well bred cows in great form will always command a premium Price!

Gorbro Holsteins - Special Invitation Sale 3rd November 2017

A fantastic result for all of our vendors at yesterday's Gorbro Invitational!

Top price of $25250! 100% clearance, an average of $7875. Topped $10000 on 12 occasions from 54 lots catalogued, offered and sold.

A huge congratulations to our host vendors Gorbro Holsteins. What an incredible line up of holstein cattle!

To our guest consignors thank you so much for offering such quality animals and having the confidence in us to market them on your behalf.

To all our sale crew for having them prepared so magnificently and having the whole week run so smoothly. To our sale force thank you on fantastic job and for all your work and support.

Finally thank you to all our buyers, under bidders and everyone who came to support the sale. We're overwhelmed with the positive feed back on the entire day. Thank you.